We're a team of musicians, sound designers, engineers, and artists who build products we love to use.

Collectively, we've professionally toured the world playing music, built multiple award-winning audio plugins, and produced audio for feature film and AAA games.

Our mission is to create powerful yet simplified instruments and effects which unleash a new level of creativity.

The Team

Emma Pavlovna Penn


With four months of experience under her leash, Emma inspires and drives the Minimal Audio team.

Emma values each team member's unique perspective, and her ability to bark at bad sounds or sit under desks during meetings helps drive all decisions.

Jacob Penn

Chief Engineer

Jake's been writing audio plugins and working in the audio industry for over ten years. Chances are you've used an app he's written or worked on.

At Minimal Audio, he ensures the intense attention to detail demanded by the team is met and insists these are the best products he's ever made.

Ben Wyss

Head of Audio R&D

Ben is a household name in certain circles for his cutting-edge sound design. When presented the idea for Minimal Audio, he knew it was big.

As the Head of Audio R&D at Minimal Audio, he pushes the team to create fresh and exciting ideas that don't currently exist on the market and make you sound unique.

Nathan Wexler

Lead Sound Designer

There isn't a person on the planet that spends more time in the studio than Nate.

When he joined Minimal Audio, we didn't see him again for six months. He came back like Moses descending Mount Sinai, but with 100 gigabytes of the freshest sounds we'd ever heard.

Alisa Ras

Creative Director

When you want to push the envelope, sometimes you need to venture out of your comfort zone. That's what Alisa did when she joined Minimal Audio.

Previously working on TV shows and games, Alisa joined the team and showed us how to create some of the most beautiful plugins to ever exist.

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