We're a team of musicians, sound designers, engineers, and artists who build products we love to use.

Collectively, we've professionally toured the world playing music, built multiple award-winning audio plugins, and produced audio for feature film and AAA games.

Our mission is to create powerful yet simplified instruments and effects which unleash a new level of creativity.

Our Team

Jacob Penn

Founder / CEO

Jake's been writing audio plugins and working in the audio industry for over ten years. Chances are you've used an app he's written or worked on.

At Minimal Audio, he works across all departments to ensure the high level of attention and detail demanded by our products is met.

Ben Wyss

Co-Founder / Head of Audio R&D

Ben is a household name in certain circles for his cutting-edge sound design. When presented the idea for Minimal Audio, he knew it was big.

As the Head of Audio R&D at Minimal Audio, he pushes the team to create fresh and exciting ideas that don't currently exist on the market and make you sound unique.

Nathan Wexler

Co-Founder / Head of Sound Design

Nate's been immersed in music production for 10+ years, developing skills as an expert sound designer.

As Head of Sound Design, he curates and manages our audio content through a rigorous review process to ensure all quality meets the Minimal Audio standard. In the ever-evolving world of sound design, Nate continues to push boundaries, exploring new techniques to create cutting-edge and inspiring sounds.

Jonathan Black

UX / UI Designer

Jonathan is a an experienced Graphic Designer from Denver, CO who has worked with Fortune 500 companies, small business and startups for the last 6 years. He is also an accomplished music producer and continues to tour and create music.

When approached by Minimal Audio to work as a UI/UX Designer, it was the perfect opportunity to combine his knowledge of design and music into one path.

Jackson Kaplan

Client Platform Engineer

Jackson is obsessed with finding new ways to generate and transfigure sound. After years of refining his skills with the tools he had, he turned to audio programming to create ones that didn’t exist yet.

Razor-focused on performance, he’s committed to making software that delivers endless creative opportunity without making your hardware break a sweat.

Damien Ronssin

DSP R&D Engineer

Damien’s our French engineer working on making the magic happen in our cutting-edge DSP algorithms, right from his cozy Alpine home. With his background in audio machine learning, we brought him to the team to integrate the latest research into our products.

Plus, rumor has it he can whip up a mean fondue while doing Fourier transforms!

Ajay Kapur, Ph.D.

Strategic Executive

Ajay Kapur is a serial entrepreneur and director of Music Technology at California Institute of the Arts. He received an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in 2007 from University of Victoria and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University in 2002.

A musician at heart, trained on drumset, tabla, sitar and other percussion instruments from around the world, Ajay strives to push the technological barrier in order to explore new ways of creating immersive interactive experiences and applications.

Wyatt Lowe

Growth Marketing

Wyatt's been in the digital marketing landscape for 10+ years working with brands such as Skullcandy, Filson, Vuori and more. As former Chief Growth Officer and VP of Strategy in both eCommerce and agency-world, Wyatt brings the Minimal Audio strategy to market.

Wyatt is also a touring musician & guitarist, performing with artists such as Jaime Wyatt and his own group, Wyatt Lowe & the Mayhem Kings.

Griffin Paisley

Support, Community and Partnerships

Griffin's background in music accessibility and synthesizer history allows him to keep his finger on the pulse of how musicians are interacting with our products.

At Minimal Audio, Griffin speaks on behalf of users to ensure that we are helping them achieve their creative goals.

Ashwin Vaswani

Backend Platform Engineer

Ashwin's spent over seven years building and scaling cloud-based web services for companies ranging in size across various industries. Most recently, he's been managing engineering teams that help feed hungry mouths by supporting systems that serve hundreds of millions of requests per month.

He also has a background in singing and music production. As a Platform Engineer at Minimal Audio, Ashwin ensures you can use our services anytime without hiccups.

Andrew Pals

Sound Designer

Andrew has been submerged in various audio tasks for many years, working as a Location Sound Mixer and Sound Designer.

Through creative team collaborations at Minimal Audio, Andrew thrives at Creative Sound Design and seeks undiscovered future sonic horizons.

Alisa Ras

UI Designer

Alisa is a career concept artist and designer. While you're more likely to play a video game character she's designed rather than a synthesizer, that didn't stop her hooking us up.

She joined the Minimal Audio team to help create some of the most beautiful plugins to ever exist.

Zane Golas

Software Engineer

Zane's passion for the convergence of art and technology was the driving force that pushed him into becoming a techno producer and hosting wharehouse parties in the Los Angeles underground. Inspired by the impact of thoughtfully designed tools in his own artistic process, he decided to study Music Technology.

As a software engineer at Minimal Audio, he pushes the boundaries of creative possibility without forgetting the small details that allow the tool to become a seamless extension of the artist.

Dennis Bunton

Sound Designer

Dennis is an accomplished sound designer and long time friend of the Minimal Audio founding team. You may know him from his releases as Ion Driver on labels such as Vision.

Dennis has a skill for creating deep high quality soundscapes and contributes to the Minimal Audio team in multiple facets including sound design as well as QA & product feedback.

Emma Pavlovna Penn

Chairman of the Board

With four months of experience under her leash, Emma inspires and drives the Minimal Audio team.

Emma values each team member's unique perspective, and her ability to bark at bad sounds or sit under desks during meetings helps drive all decisions.