2021 Thank You & Free Mini Pack

We launched Minimal Audio in 2021, and the support has been overwhelming. Thank you!

2021 Thank You & Free Mini Pack
Photo by Myriam Zilles / Unsplash

Gimme the goods:

As a token of appreciation for our strong launch year in 2021, Nate whipped up a free mini-pack from our team to you. Happy holidays!


As we wrap up 2021, we wanted to write a quick post thanking our customers and team here at Minimal Audio.

Minimal Audio's Background:

Believe it or not, We chose the name Minimal Audio and set our sights on the goal of starting this business all the way back in 2013. We're a group of musicians and DJs, but for us, the passion was in the culture and tools as much as it was in producing and performing music.

As you go down the road of building a business, you'll find the same things come up over and over. Get a great idea, find a technical co-founder, build a business plan, validate your idea, get funding, grow your team, and hope that in five years, you're profitable — but that's not how we did things at Minimal Audio.

How building things actually happens (in our opinion):

We're coders, musicians, sound designers, entrepreneurs, art directors, accountants, and whatever we need to be tomorrow. We certainly never woke up and decided we wanted to learn all of these things — it was the desire to create something that drove us.

People often ask us — how can I learn to code, produce, or design? To which our response is always: What do you want to build?

When you know what you want to build, the project provides a blueprint of the necessary skills and materials you need to achieve your goals. We have found learning skills like coding a much more enjoyable and motivating process when working toward specific and measurable ends. The vision provides the fuel to ignite the spark of inspiration through what is likely an arduous process with many unforeseen obstacles.

When writing music, you need to enjoy the process of creating, not just what you obtain at the end. One of the greatest challenges we face as musicians is getting bogged down in the solitude of that process. The opportunity to work within a community is a major advantage to building a business or program. To build something great, just as with writing music, you need to enjoy the process.

One of our taglines at Minimal Audio is "Your friends who make plugins," and that really is how we feel as a company. All of us were musicians before starting Minimal Audio, and the community we've reached out to for support has been a lot of our friends as well.

That's what makes the process so enjoyable, and that's what makes doing hard things easy — having a shared vision and enjoying the process of learning hard things by collaborating with friends.

To the Minimal Audio team:

At this point, hundreds of people have helped Minimal Audio in some way or another — whether it be working directly in the core company, helping us as a beta tester, promoting us through your personal channels, making YouTube videos, or even sharing a tweet or Instagram post about us. To those of you who have helped us in any capacity, thank you for your contributions.

To the Minimal Audio customers:

Thank you so much for purchasing and supporting our products. We have a ton of projects in the works for 2022, as well as a bunch of updates for Rift. We'll be working hard to get you some exciting new tools and sounds!

Site-wide 35% off ending soon:

As a side note — we'll be wrapping up our holiday sale after the new year, so if you haven't already, grab some new tools!