Minimal Audio Morph EQ Preset Demos

Minimal Audio Morph EQ Preset Demos

Morph EQ ships with 100+ presets designed to be playable, sound great, and add textural movement to your music. We've put together a few demos of what some of these presets sound like in action.

Preset Demo 1: Alternator

Dry Sound:

Preset: Alternator

Preset Demo 2: Flip Flop

Bass Dry

Preset: Flip Flop

Preset Demo 3: Beunos Notches

Synth - Dry:

Preset: Buenos Notches:

Preset Demo 4: Circling Peaks

Pad - Dry

Preset: Circling Peaks

Preset Demo 5: Splitter

Vocal - Dry

Preset: Splitter

You can explore more about Morph EQ here: