Minimal Audio Morph EQ Tutorials

Minimal Audio Morph EQ Tutorials

We created Morph EQ as a fun and expressive sound design tool that allows you to take complete control over your EQ movement and build any filter you can imagine. Draw endless paths and morph through them seamlessly with the turn of a knob. Create filters that transform your sounds into something completely new.

Let's dive into some walkthroughs and tutorials to get you started!

Walkthrough Video

Now that we have the basics covered, let's look at some more videos to get the creative gears spinning.

Is Morph EQ Snake Oil?

Dash Glitch on Morph EQ

Creative Sound Design with Frequent

Last but not least, sit back and enjoy a hilarious video from Parker and Danny at XLNTSOUND reacting to Morph EQ and applying it to their own sounds.

XLNTSOUND A$$ or Gas - Morph EQ

You can grab Morph EQ now at: