Minimal Audio Rift Tutorials

Minimal Audio Rift Tutorials

Rift is a plugin created for producers and sound designers looking to sculpt sounds with ease using powerful harmonic movement. With a user-friendly workflow and 300+ presets to choose from, Rift gives you the platform to transform your sounds and make banging tracks in no time. The power to blend distortion algorithms with a single knob, paired with precise modulation and state-of-the-art morphing filters and feedback, yields unique timbral quality in seconds.

Check out our official Rift walkthrough to get started:

Diving a little deeper, here are some of our favorite Rift tutorials from YouTube:

ARTFX gives a full Rift 2.0 walkthrough and applies it to a killer DnB tune:

STRANJAH walks us through using Rift for Drum n' Bass basslines:

XLNT Sound opens Rift for the first time and answers their classic question: is it A$$ or Gas?

Watch Frequent take a deep dive into designing sounds with Rift:

Grab Rift Now: