Hi-Tech DNB Essentials

INERTIA offers 150 hi-tech sounds built for modern drum and bass production.

This library contains the essential elements to create futuristic beats that will cut through your speakers and keep the dancefloor moving. From ultra-clean drum loops to techy bass design, INERTIA will hold the momentum of your production.


Some of what you'll find inside:

Inertia Demo

Bass - Granular Seq 2 - F - 172 BPM

Glitch FX - Cyber Spec - 172 BPM

Hi Hat - Grid Lock - 172 BPM

Kick - Beeper - 172 BPM

Kick - Spectred

Shaker - Room Shake - 172 BPM

Snare - Clap Theory - 172 BPM

Snare - Up Shift

Texture - Division

Balanced Grooves

Our goal with this pack was to process sounds with spectral and granular DSP while keeping the audio clean and punchy to fit perfectly in your mix. Meticulous EQing, delicate spectral balancing, and warm saturation went into each sample to ensure mix-ready audio.

Included Content

40 Drum Loops

15 Kicks

15 Snares

20 Hi Hats

20 Glitch FX

20 Bass Loops

20 Synth Atmos & Textures

Technical Details

Size: 160 MB

Audio Files: 150

Format: WAV · 24bit · 48kHz

Compatibility: Mac & Windows


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