Sci-Fi Mechanical SFX

High-tech, futuristic, otherworldly - TRANSMUTE offers 60 advanced sound effects for epic sci-fi projects.

Design your own world with space-age impacts, flyby swells, user-interface sounds, and mechanical movements.


Some of what you'll find inside:

Transmute Demo

Flyby - Spectral Swell

Flyby - Through The Portal

Impact - Droid Pierce

Impact - Plasma Shot

Mechanical - Macro Stinger

Mechanical - Mecha Attack 1

Mechanical - Reload 1

Mechanical - Spectral Shots

UI - Access Confirmed

Hybrid Machines

To create this library we focused on hybridizing mechanical recordings with a range of digital and modular synthesizer sounds, resulting in unique composites fitting for a myriad of futuristic styles.

Included Content

24 Mechanical Movements

12 Flybys

12 Futuristic Impacts

12 UI Sound FX

Technical Details

Size: 168 MB

Audio Files: 60

Format: WAV · 24bit · 96kHz

Compatibility: Mac & Windows


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