Multi-Engine Hybrid Synthesizer

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Fuse Compressor

Designed to inspire fast workflows with precision sound, Fuse Compressor is a powerful tool that allows you to focus on creating your best work.

50 Free Sounds

Sample Credits

Download individual samples from our expanding catalogue.
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Rift 2.0

We’ve packed even more into our flagship product. Introducing an all new experience with dark mode and multiband features.

Cluster Delay

Delay with personality. Our fresh take on tap delay offers a flexible and effortless approach to creating rhythmic soundscapes.

Latest Sounds


DNB Production Elements

LIMINAL contains over 140 loops and one-shots designed to be essential building blocks for creating detailed and emotive DNB beats.

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Morph EQ

EQ will never be the same. Our innovative and easy-to-use curve feature allows you to draw endless custom filter paths and navigate them with the turn of a knob.


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Rift Feedback Lite

A free plugin demonstrating the strength of the melodic feedback effect native to our flagship product Rift.

Sound Packs


Ambient Production Suite

Bloom Demo


High-Powered 808 Drums

Octane Demo


Mutated Organic SFX

Emerge Demo


+ Many More

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Expressive Presets for Rift

Motion harnesses Rift's powerful sequencing to unite harmonic movement, tuned feedback, and mutating filters - infusing static sounds with unparalleled groove, energy, and musicality.

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[Rift is] one of the best distortions we’ve used.

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Rift is powerful, creative, deep and full of sonic possibilities.

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Rift is superb. Its modern, unashamedly digital distortion character sounds wonderful.


High-quality sounds, exceptional search

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