Preset packs

Dark Thematic Bass

Cinematic Bass

Unveil the darkness with Cinematic Bass, perfect for film scores or EDM tracks. Featuring everything from driving arpeggiators to deep rave bases, crank it!

55 presets 55 presets
Cinematic Pads

Noir Pads

A sonic perspective through the cinematic lens. Noir Pads offers a versatile collection of presets that explores emotive and darker tonalities to add depth to any composition.

50 presets 50 presets
Vintage Leads

Lofi Leads

Lofi Leads showcases presets that capture the essence of a time when tape warbles added a unique charm to music. Bring that dusty, physical presence into your tracks.

50 presets 50 presets
Lo-fi Pads

Haze Pads

Explore nostalgic pad presets designed to imbue your music with a lo-fi and retro feel. Haze Pads offer a detuned and dreamy vibe that captures vintage soundscapes.

50 presets 50 presets
Emotive Leads

Radiant Leads

Invoke emotive melodic themes in your productions with Radiant Leads. Dive into an array of detailed, heartfelt leads that will open your tracks to new horizons.

55 presets 55 presets
Vocal Chops

Stutter Vocals

Fill the gaps in your tracks by integrating a variety of rhythmic vocal presets. Discover vibrant vocal textures and vocal chops that will add energy to your grooves.

50 presets 50 presets
Synth Arpeggiations

Pulse Arps

Pulse Arps offers a diverse selection of dynamic and driving synth arpeggiations. Discover a wide range of sequenced rhythmic synths to inject melodic grooves.

50 presets 50 presets
Heavy Basses

Synapse Bass

Shake the dancefloor with Synapse Bass, featuring chest-thumping sequences and cutting-edge bass tones that will make any track knock.

50 presets 50 presets
Granular Leads

Density Leads

Density features granular leads that twist and turn, adding inspiring movements to your melodies. Incorporate these textural leads to create emotive and dynamic motifs.

50 presets 50 presets
Granular Pads

Particle Pads

Immerse yourself in a collection of vibrant granular pads. Explore lush and multi-dimensional soundscapes that will swirl around like particles.

50 presets 50 presets
Versatile Subs

Sub Station

Whether you're looking for elevated 808s or spiced-up subs, these presets deliver the low-end foundation your tracks deserve.

55 presets 55 presets
Emotive Pads

Pad Expanse

Pad Expanse provides a variety of expressive sequences containing dreamy and evolving pad presets. Explore layered and vibey pads for the sonic backbone of your tracks.

50 presets 50 presets
Deep Dubstep Bass

Bass Abyss

Bring your tracks to new depths with heavy-hitting deep dubstep basses. Check out rolling bass growls, deep and dirty reese basses, and presets with high-impact low-end.

55 presets 55 presets
High-Energy Leads

Surge Leads

Ignite your music with cutting-edge leads for pulsating rhythms, futuristic textures, and high-octane melodies designed for maximum rave energy.

50 presets 50 presets
Dynamic Synth Pads

Factory Pads

Create the perfect ambience using a variety of stylized pads and atmos presets, which range from lush and vibey to dark and dissonant tones.

80 presets 80 presets
Assorted Synth Plucks

Factory Plucks

Factory Plucks provides filtered synths, punchy transient plucks, and soft bell tones. These presets can be used to create lively synth melodies for any style of music.

50 presets 50 presets
Versatile Keys

Factory Keys

Explore a diverse collection of synth keys, Rhodes, and acoustic pianos - all crafted to be highly playable and expressive.

50 presets 50 presets
Vibrant Synth Leads

Factory Leads

Factory Leads includes an array of fundamental lead presets designed to infuse your tracks with melodies that keep the energy high.

70 presets 70 presets
Abstract Synth FX

Factory SFX

Otherworldy textures, whooshes, risers, and more – Factory SFX explores Current's experimental side through spectral tones and futuristic sound FX.

25 presets 25 presets
Fundamental Basses

Factory Bass

From FM Basses to 808 subs, Factory Bass offers a variety of essential presets designed to boost your low-end and create funky basslines.

90 presets 90 presets
Melodic Synth Arps

Factory Synth Arps

From classic, analog-style arps to modern pulsating rhythms, Factory Arps explores presets designed to infuse inspiring melodic movement.

50 presets 50 presets