Sample packs

DNB Production Elements


Liminal provides 140+ sounds for creating DNB beats. It offers powerful melodies, heavy basses, and pulsing drums, all designed by DNB producer Tom Finster.

147 samples 147 samples
Modern Vocal Elements

Elevated Vocals

Elevated Vocals contains of over 280 versatile vocal elements, including rhythmic chops, atmospheric sounds, and dry phrases.

283 samples 283 samples
Modern DNB Elements


Circuit provides 190 detailed drum loops, versatile basses, driving vocal chops, and vibrant synths, capturing the true spirit of modern DNB music.

190 samples 190 samples
Deep Downtempo SFX


Element provides 180+ drums, melodic synth loops, deep basses, and organic textures designed for creating modern and atmospheric downtempo beats.

184 samples 184 samples
Abstract Bass Elements


Cypher contains 808 drums and modern synths showcasing the futuristic side of electronic beats. Dive into 140+ sounds created for electronic, hip-hop, and beyond.

144 samples 144 samples
Future Mechanical SFX


Artifact contains futuristic sounds that fuse foley SFX with digital elements. Explore transforming mechanisms, glitches, and stunning transitional tools.

210 samples 210 samples
Ambient Production Suite


Bloom is a massive collection of lush and ethereal sound fx. Discover 1000+ samples designed to infuse depth and vibrancy into any style of music.

1025 samples 1025 samples
Deep Dubstep Elements


Static includes samples inspired by the deep sounds of underground bass music. This pack contains dubstep-inspired loops for infusing a raw edge into your music.

180 samples 180 samples
Modern Transition SFX


Impulse offers 120 SFX, ideal for energizing your music and films. Seamlessly incorporate stunning transition FX, including risers, impacts, and more.

120 samples 120 samples
Future Garage Elements


Reflect offers 160+ shuffling breaks, ethereal atmospheres, and textural foley sounds that blend Future Garage and Ambient influences.

183 samples 183 samples
Hi-Tech DNB Essentials


Inertia features 150 hi-tech sounds for modern drum and bass production, essential for creating beats that energize the dancefloor and cut through your speakers.

151 samples 151 samples
High-Powered 808 Drums


Octane is a modern interpretation of the classic TR-808 drum machine, offering over 1000 one-shots and loops from quality analog hardware.

1050 samples 1050 samples
Mutated Organic SFX


Emerge offers 750+ designed cinematic impacts, one-shots, atmospheres, and SFX crafted for forward-thinking sound designers.

785 samples 785 samples
Lush Hybrid Atmospheres


Convolve blends natural elements with harmonic layers, featuring 60 soundscapes that add an otherworldly dimension to your sound.

60 samples 60 samples
Sci-Fi Mechanical SFX


High-tech, futuristic, otherworldly - Transmute offers 60 advanced sound effects for epic sci-fi projects.

60 samples 60 samples
Minimal Glitch Drums


Create high-tech beats, and add digital detail to your productions with this futuristic drum library. Microtech blends abstract synthesis with hard-hitting drum design.

105 samples 105 samples
Stylized Metal SFX


Texturize your sound with Oxide - a metal SFX library containing 60+ beautifully designed impacts, rhythmic loops, atmospheres, and one-shots.

64 samples 64 samples
Overdriven Analog Drums


Erode showcases the noises and imperfections of analog hardware pushed to the extreme. Get 100+ drum loops, one-shots, and textures ideal for analog-inspired beats.

103 samples 103 samples
Recorded Instruments

Factory Instruments

Factory Instruments provides a mix of nearly 30 sampler instruments, including realistic strings and keys, for instantly creating captivating motifs.

150 samples 150 samples
Foley Recordings

Factory Foley

From the ambience of rain to the clatter of junkyard scrap metal, Factory Foley contains a range of sounds recorded in the field.

95 samples 95 samples
Abstract Textures

Factory Abstract

Factory Abstract offers textural sound FX that introduce otherworldly layers to mix, mangle, and add futuristic edge to any synth.

75 samples 75 samples
Textural Noise

Factory Noise

Factory Noise offers 80 textures, including standard noise, vintage textures, vinyl recordings, and amp sounds for enhanced tone control.

80 samples 80 samples
Synth Tones

Factory Tonal

A collection of monophonic synth tones for layering and FM. From modern synths to retro tones, these sounds are created with playability in mind.

250 samples 250 samples
Transients & Drums

Factory Transients

Boost your synths with a punchy attack. Explore a variety of transients designed for driving subs, energetic leads, SFX, and beyond.

120 samples 120 samples
Atmospheric Scapes

Factory Scapes

Layer immersive scapes and tonal atmospheres to take your patches to new depths. Explore soundscapes designed to create ambient tones.

100 samples 100 samples