Wavetable packs

Instrument Osc


Explore instrument wavetables with versatile timbres and tones. This pack includes resonating bells, xylophones, strings, toy pianos, and more.

50 wavetables 50 wavetables
Analog Lo-fi


Drift contains wavetables that set the vibe for lo-fi synth patches and moody pads. Explore drifting shapes that emulate vintage analog synth tones.

50 wavetables 50 wavetables
Vowel Osc


Form contains formant shifting oscillators created to bring your patches alive with morphing vowels. Check out this collection to add squelchy character to any patch you create.

50 wavetables 50 wavetables
Future Digital


Flux features digital wavetables that offer a range of futuristic and complex waveforms. Explore morphing and spectral wavetables perfect for bass design, synths, and more.

50 wavetables 50 wavetables
Spectral Morph Osc


Spectra focuses on harmonically rich wavetables with spectral processing. Use these complex waveforms to create impactful and futuristic synth tones.

50 wavetables 50 wavetables
Aggressive Osc


Fracture features heavy, distorted digital wavetable oscillators, ideal for adding weight and grit to your bass and synth patches.

50 wavetables 50 wavetables
Filter Sweeps


Add movement to your patches with Ripples, a collection of wavetables made from analog and digital filter sweeps. Explore sweeping tones made from modular hardware.

50 wavetables 50 wavetables
Recorded Strings


Explore stringed instruments with the Acoustics pack, featuring recorded instruments like cellos, double basses, violas and more.

50 wavetables 50 wavetables
Analog Osc

Factory Analog

Factory Analog explores wavetables derived from saturated analog waveforms, transformed using tubes, wavefolders, and waveshapers for authentic analog character and grit.

42 wavetables 42 wavetables
Waveshaped Osc

Factory Distorted

FM Oscillators, Growls, and Distorted Shapes – Factory Distorted contains aggressive oscillators for heavy synth tones.

15 wavetables 15 wavetables
Essential Osc

Factory Basics

Factory Basics offers essential oscillators and innovative morphing shapes. It's an excellent base for patches and houses an array of wavetables for patch inspiration.

51 wavetables 51 wavetables
Digital Osc

Factory Digital

Factory Digital provides morphing wavetables for modern digital synth patches. Explore bright and harmonic tones that shift and warp.

20 wavetables 20 wavetables
Spectral Osc

Factory Spectral

Futuristic, Complex, and Morphing – Factory Spectral focuses on complex oscillators with sweeping spectral tones.

15 wavetables 15 wavetables
Operator Osc

Factory Operators

This collection of operators is inspired by classic FM synths and uniquely morphing waveforms designed to add harmonic movement to your FM patches.

16 wavetables 16 wavetables
Retro Osc

Factory Retro

From classic pulse-width wavetables to drifting buchla-style oscillators, Factory Retro contains analog essentials for vintage vibes.

15 wavetables 15 wavetables