Stylized Metal SFX

Texturize your sound with OXIDE - a professional metal sound effects library containing 60+ beautifully designed impacts, rhythmic loops, atmospheres, and one-shots.

With OXIDE, you can easily build tension that is perfect for cinematic music and trailers.


Some of what you'll find inside:

Oxide Demo

Atmosphere - Bowed Disto

Atmosphere - Metallic Scheme

Impact - Evil Diode

Impact - Massive Punch

Metal - Decaying Bell

Metal - Grainy Oxide - 140 BPM

Metal - Massive Leadup - 130 BPM

Metal - Platform Verb 1

Metal - Vessel Groove - 125 BPM

Forging The Sound

In-house, we recorded scrap metal, antiques, bowed metals, and more. This source material was then processed and melded with detailed effects chains, creating a diverse library.

Included Content

15 Metal Rhythmic Loops

14 Metal One-shots

15 Metal Impacts

20 Metal Atmospheres

Technical Details

Size: 360 MB

Audio Files: 64

Format: WAV · 24bit · 96kHz

Compatibility: Mac & Windows


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