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Reimagine the world around you with ARTIFACT — a futuristic sound library that fuses mutated foley SFX with modern digital elements.

ARTIFACT contains 200+ designed sounds, including transforming mechanisms, glitch SFX, impacts, granular risers, and futuristic atmospheres. Get inspired by a high-tech collection of sounds created for music production, game audio, and film.


CYPHER contains banging 808 drums, deep neuro basses, and modern synths showcasing the futuristic side of electronic beats.

Get 140+ loops, one-shots, and textures created for electronic, hip-hop, trap, and beyond. If you're looking to add deep and abstract elements to your tracks, this is the perfect fit.


ELEMENT provides 180+ drums, melodic synth loops, deep basses, and organic textures designed for creating modern downtempo beats.

Explore a diverse collection of rich soundscapes crafted to add expansive elements to your tracks.


Elevate your sound with CIRCUIT, a collection of 190 designed DNB loops and one-shots crafted to fuel your tracks with a modern edge.

CIRCUIT provides a range of detailed drum loops, versatile basses, driving vocal chops, and vibrant synths, capturing the true spirit of DNB music.


Introducing BLOOM: a massive collection of lush and ethereal sound fx. Discover 1000+ samples designed to infuse depth and vibrancy into any style of music.

Inside this pack, you'll find evolving atmospheres, nuanced drums, melodic loops, foley textures, vocal SFX, and more. Whether you're looking for deep soundscapes or subtle sonic embellishments, BLOOM offers an unparalleled library of expansive sound design elements.


Immerse yourself in a world that blurs real and imaginary, where space is torn by mind-bending sounds with earth-shattering weight. EMERGE fuses organic material with futuristic sound design to give you a massive variety of hyper-textural audio.

EMERGE offers 750+ meticulously designed impacts, one-shots, atmospheres, textures, and synthetics crafted for forward-thinking sound designers & musicians.


Introducing OCTANE - a modern interpretation of the classic TR-808 drum machine. This massive sample pack contains 1000+ one-shots and loops sourced from high-quality analog hardware and processed to fit into a myriad of contemporary styles. Each sample is crafted for maximum clarity and impact, ready to cut through even the most complex mixes.

Whether you're looking for something to enhance your beats or finding the perfect backbone to a track, OCTANE has you covered.


CONVOLVE fuses elements from the natural world with harmonic layers from modular synthesizers and acoustic instruments.

Experience 60 rich, atmospheric soundscapes that add otherworldly depth to your projects.


ERODE showcases the noises and imperfections of analog hardware pushed to the extreme.

Get 100+ drum loops, one-shots, and textures ideal for analog-inspired electronic music, hip-hop, or stylized lo-fi beats. If you are looking for drums with attitude, this is the perfect fit.


Create high-tech beats, and add digital detail to your productions with this futuristic drum library.

MICROTECH blends abstract synthesis with hard-hitting drum design. Drop these loops & one-shots into your project for immediate inspiration to create futuristic, glitchy beats.


Texturize your sound with OXIDE - a professional metal sound effects library containing 60+ beautifully designed impacts, rhythmic loops, atmospheres, and one-shots.

With OXIDE, you can easily build tension that is perfect for cinematic music and trailers.


High-tech, futuristic, otherworldly - TRANSMUTE offers 60 advanced sound effects for epic sci-fi projects.

Design your own world with space-age impacts, flyby swells, user-interface sounds, and mechanical movements.


INERTIA offers 150 hi-tech sounds built for modern drum and bass production.

This library contains the essential elements to create futuristic beats that will cut through your speakers and keep the dancefloor moving. From ultra-clean drum loops to techy bass design, INERTIA will hold the momentum of your production.


REFLECT offers 160+ beautifully nuanced sounds that blend Future Garage, Lo-fi Hip-Hop, and Ambient influences.

Discover shuffling breaks, ethereal atmospheres, and expansive textural foley that create a diverse palette of sounds for use in all styles of music.


IMPULSE provides 120 expertly-designed SFX, perfect for adding energy to your music, film, and beyond.

This collection will fill the gaps in your production with stunning transitions that blend seamlessly into your projects — from detailed risers to trailer-ready impacts and futuristic glitch SFX.


STATIC includes 180 designed samples inspired by the deep and gritty sounds of underground bass music.

This pack is a resourceful collection of dubstep-inspired drum loops, bass loops, synths, and textures perfect for infusing a raw edge into your music.

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$327 $228.90

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