Lush Hybrid Atmospheres

CONVOLVE fuses elements from the natural world with harmonic layers from modular synthesizers and acoustic instruments.

Experience 60 rich, atmospheric soundscapes that add otherworldly depth to your projects.


Some of what you'll find inside:

Convolve Demo

Atmosphere - Ambient Whir - Emin

Atmosphere - Bow Dissonance - Amin

Atmosphere - Burnt Tinder - G#min

Atmosphere - Deep Rubble - Gmin

Atmosphere - Dramatic Creak - Fmin

Atmosphere - Hybrid Glow - Gmin

Atmosphere - Liquid Structs - Emin

Atmosphere - Subterrane - Fmin

Atmosphere - Trenches - Fmin

Fusing Elements

For this collection, our focus was to bring together two core concepts: nature and tonality. We fused pristine elemental recordings with melodies and chords, resulting in gorgeous atmospheres for you to explore.

Included Content

12 Earth Ambiences

12 Fire Ambiences

12 Metal Ambiences

12 Water Ambiences

12 Wood Ambiences

Technical Details

Size: 528 MB

Audio Files: 60

Format: WAV · 24bit · 96kHz

Compatibility: Mac & Windows


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