Elevated Vocals

Modern Vocal Elements

ELEVATED VOCALS features more than 280 vocal samples, including rhythmic and funky vocal chops, dry vocal phrases, creative vocal atmospheres, and more.

Discover an extensive selection of vocals crafted to produce catchy hooks, infuse rhythmic energy, and elevate your arrangements.


Some of what you'll find inside:

Elevated Vocals Demo

Vocal - A Red Velvet - Fmin - 120 BPM

Vocal - Come Back To Me - Amin

Vocal - Dreamscape Sunset - Fmin - 86 BPM

Vocal - From The Void - F

Vocal - I Know U Wanna Leave - Fmin - 86 BPM

Vocal - Just A Dream 1 - Cmin

Vocal - Low Down - Fmin - 140 BPM

Vocal - San Bernardino - Fmin - 120 BPM

Vocal - Whatcha Doin - Amin

Vocal Vibrance

We recorded seven vocalists for this pack, capturing a diverse range of styles and tones. Our main objective with ELEVATE was to deliver a blend of innovative vocal sound effects and stunning melodic phrases suitable for any production style.

Included Content

104 Vocal Loops

42 Vocal FX Oneshots

47 Vocal Atmospheres

90 Dry Vocals

Technical Details

Size: 787.7 MB

Audio Files: 283

Format: WAV · 24bit · 48 kHz

Compatibility: Mac & Windows


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